Original Paintings

This portfolio of curated paintings were crafted throughout a 30-year span and encompass early work, figurative, landscape and non-objective paintings.



Beginning the Game

This body of work was created for a group exhibition focused on connections. I chose simplified abstract figures rich in color and texture, allowing viewers to engage with the art and appreciate the contrast of each shape.



Thy Will Be Done

This collection delves into the profound connection between spirituality and creativity. Inspired by scripture and song, each piece explores the need to lean on a higher power in times of joy and in sadness.



Adinkra symbols are visual representations of concepts and proverbs from Ghana, with widespread cultural importance. These historic cultural symbols and proverbs were central in this body of work.


Joyful Worship

As a dancer, I express myself through movement. These dancing figures are loosely painted to express the emotions of the woman. Through the skillful use of paint, these figures beautifully convey the grace and power of the dancer's expression.


Studio Journaling

Originating from studio sessions and daily journal reflections, these paintings have served as a bridge between collections, occasionally acting as sources of inspiration or experimental projects.