Collecting Art - From An Artists Perspective


Flamenco Dancer in Red © Kristye Addison Dudley
Painting ready to ship to it's new home.

Art in itself is a subjective and very personal experience. The proprietors of the work, the collectors, have such a large impact on the art world. There is something for everyone, but finding your perfect match is not always so easy to do when there is so much to choose from.
Some of my proudest moments in my art career stem from finding a new collector. Someone who "gets me." As an artist I have found my collectors making such a positive impact on my work not only financially, but by providing creative confidence. When an artist and collector find a match, it can be one of the most important components to an artist sustained career.

I have also noticed that there is one common thread to my collectors, they like my work. This may sound so simple, but it really is. I have met buyers who search for the latest and greatest celebrity artists or masters for bragging rights. I can completely see the pride one can get from that, like searching for buried treasure. But, I think that most buyers, connect with the art to the point that they "just can't leave it."

To help in your search, check out Invaluable's blog In Good Taste,  featuring art and tips on building your own collection. I hope you find your perfect match.

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