Today is a gift

There are so many moments in our lives where we question why things happen. There have been times where I wondered “how did I get here?” and “why me?”. I have been reflecting on this year, my relationships, my hopes and dreams. I have had the opportunity to see many of my dreams come true.
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One Accord

My 4 year wedding anniversary was Friday September 2. We had a great date night celebrating and thinking about our lives and our little family. I met my husband at a wedding and two years and a day later we married each other. He brings a harmony to my life that I can’t explain. He
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Crashing waves

“Crashing Waves” 8″ x 10″ © Kristye Addison Dudley I have been having quite a week. I have felt like I have been riding on waves and being thrown and tossed around. From work, home and family it felt like a roller coaster. This past week my husband traveled to San Antonio for pre-deployment training.
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My father's advice

Dock at Sunrise – Mixed Media – Watercolor and Photo © Kristye Addison Dudley I was always Daddy’s little girl. I was basically his shadow as soon as I could walk. He was an architect and a professor. I still consider him to be the smartest person I’ve ever known. He taught me to draw
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