Pizza or Sandwiches?

Reflections © Kristye Addison Dudley
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This painting is called Reflections. I painted it years ago during a
time when I was just pondering what my life would be like. Would I get
married? Would I have kids? Those questions have been answered, but
there are so many more like…

Which do you prefer pizza or sandwiches? I have always been more of a pizza gal myself, but recently I seem to always end up with sandwiches, or actually IN sandwiches. What’s my affinity for pizza? It’s an open in your face complete meal. Sandwiches are sort of sneaky. Even though you know the ingredients, there are always surprises when the whole thing comes together.

Right now my life is like that. It used to be sort of like a pizza. It was pretty easy to see what you were working with. But now, I am totally in a sandwich. I am in an interesting little tortilla wrap that is my family. It’s odd being sandwiched between your kids, your deployed spouse, your parent and everything else. But it is what it is.

In a general update. My husband is doing well, but we miss him. We get to talk often, but it’s not the same as having his sweet kind spirit around all the time. My mother is doing well and trying to adjust to a house with a toddler, an infant and of course to me. 🙂  KJ is really growing way too fast, but I am pretty impressed at her resilleincey, event when that means she’s not listening to me. And the little guy, will be 6 months old next week. He is trying to sit up and he is just a little ray of sunshine, smiling at me everyday.

I am hanging in there, some days are better than others. I had a stomach flu earlier this week that felt like something out of the exorcist. But I am so glad that the bug is outta here and no one else was sick. But that didn’t stop me from taking KJ to see Sesame Street Live this week. We had a great time and we got our groove on with Elmo. Today, I did look a little like an episode of what not to wear, working the  jeans, tennis shoes and sweat shirt with the pony tail to
boot. I am hoping to get my mojo back by tomorrow. February is looking up!

There is something new everyday around here. Sometimes the sandwich it’s great like when you’ve got the right amount of secret sauce. And sometimes is not so great, like when you bite into a soft tomato on an otherwise crispy snack. But, it all goes the same place and it is nourishing to know that I do have a sandwich to be in at all.

Be Blessed,
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