One day at a time

Family photo of my husband and KJ our babymoon in June.

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9 NLT)

Ok so I am 35 weeks prego and I am ready to hold this little guy (or baby Jedi as my husband likes to call him) in my arms. On July 10th, I was blessed to turn 39 years old. Yeah I know, we aren’t supposed to say our ages these days, but I feel very blessed to be one of the people who lived to see another day, month, and year of this life.

Was this year perfect? Not by any means. Was this year full of memories, laughter, tears and growth? Yep and for all of the things I don’t want to experience again, I am so fortunate to have lived through them with my family and friends.

Well this next year is full of milestones and I am only in day one! My son is due any day now. Really!!! Last night I started having “light” contractions for about 2-3 hours straight, all while junior kicked me like Bruce Lee. It hurt like the dickens, but nothing like the real thing. I am pretty sure they were stress induced so today I took it easy.

I shouldn’t be stressed, but the control freak in me is fighting to get out. I can only keep her down in short bursts lately. I can use all the prayers I can get so here’s my prayer list. Yes, I have a list for everything (one of my control issues is to have lists).

  1. Pray for fewer lists and allowing others to help me (without my overbearing help)
  2. Allow me to live in the moment in this pregnant form and not try to do things that I just can’t do (clean every room in this big old house, carry things that are too heavy, and other ideas that grow out of impatience for those who are here to help me)
  3. Protect me from negative thoughts surrounding my husbands 6 month deployment over seas two months after our son is born
  4. Give me strength to honor my mother and give her hope as she comes to stay with me and the kids for 8 months
  5. Pray for peace and endurance for a safe and healthy delivery
  6. Help me to become a nurturing mother of two! No pity parties for mommy. (even on my worst day love them to pieces)

So yeah I’ve got a good bit going on. Trying to get the baby room together, mom’s room together, give my 2 year old KJ lots of attention (sprucing up her room too), planing for her pre-school needs, helping her to adjust to all these coming changes and be a loving supportive (non-nagging, honey-do list making) wife. I am kind of spent and lately feeling like I can’t do it all. But hey, maybe if I take it one day at a time, it will all be a blur and in another year full of beautiful memories before I know it.

I could have worse problems for sure. I have a husband that I love and will miss dearly. I live comfortably in a very lived-in non-show-home that’s somehow still full of life. I have a mother who will drop everything to come and help me. I have a smart, sassy 2 year old that is happy and healthy. I have a little miracle of life inside me. Trying to keep all those lovely plates in the air does take work, so thanks for all your support and let’s take it easy!

Be blessed,
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