One Accord

My 4 year wedding anniversary was Friday September 2. We had a great date night celebrating and thinking about our lives and our little family. I met my husband at a wedding and two years and a day later we married each other.

He brings a harmony to my life that I can’t explain. He is a true gift from God. I prayed for a man like my brother and my father, who was kind, liked to dance, loved the Lord and a few other things. I put my short list in a prayer jar and left it alone. About two weeks later, I met Mark.

We laughed and danced the entire wedding reception, and I thought “he was such a breath of fresh air”. We exchanged numbers and talked everyday from that point on. He met everyone in my family, including my father whose passed away two weeks later. My life was changing in so many ways so fast.

Mark prayed with me and was able to help me work through the loss of my Daddy, since he had just lost his. We had such a deep connection, it was like we were in perfect sync, in one accord.

When I painted the painting above, I only hoped that a relationship like this was possible. That I would have someone to lean on who would lean on me too. Marriage is work, but it’s the best kind. The kind of job that you jump out of bed for everyday knowing that the time invested will enrich your life. I can’t remember life without him. I actually have started to put him in all my best memories, as if he had been there all along.

Love and blessings,

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