Hello 2014

Happy New Year,
I hope this new year is treating everyone well. I have started the new year off well traveling, seeing family and renewing my passion for painting and all things creative. My husband and I took a couples trip to New York City and that place always sparks so much creative energy in me. There is something about the heartbeat and pulse of the city that I had been missing.

I have decided to embrace all parts of me and try to make are without rules. My good friend Erin and I were chatting online and she always has something motivational to share. She reminded me to have fun. Sometimes, I get so concerned with making “good” art, that I don’t want to make mistakes. How silly is that! The best art sometimes comes from mistakes. So it’s time to have some fun in 2014!!!

So, in doing so I am going to share more about my work, paintings in progress and studio life in general. You know, the mistakes, the trial and error, the paths less taken.  Hope you are ready for the ride. I sure am. Here is a work in progress that I have been playing with. It’s a digital app, that lets you record your work as it progresses. It’s kind of a new obsession I have just started experimenting with.

Digital Sketch by Kristye Addison Dudley

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Be blessed,

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