The Greatest Love

So, like many of you I was touched by the music of Whitney Houston. The picture below is me in high school, sporting one of my many WH inspired hairstyles. Her passing is really so sad. But, I think the saddest part is that she had a gift that can not be replicated.

But the true greatest gift of all, is that we all have been given some gift. And we either use it or lose it.

Just last weekend, my family and friends were debating the best Super bowl national anthem. I said Whitney Houston. Not knowing that by that time the following week, she would physically be gone.

But a part of her was lost long before her passing. When her gift became second to her demons, she lost some of her spark. Have you ever had a time in your life were you could see your path clearly and then became so distracted that it took you a while to find your way again?

I think that happens to us all. Are you using your God given gifts?

Be blessed and Whitney RIP,

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