Day 24 – Oil and Watercolor Study by Contemporary Figurative Fine Artist Kristye Addison Dudley


Oil and Watercolor Study 2 © Kristye Addison Dudley

Day 24 –  Oil and Watercolor Study 2.

This is another watercolor and oil work. The technique, I wet my watercolor paper and then applied the watercolor and oil using a dropper. While using the dropper I started to create dot patterns. Then I used a toothpick to mix the colors.

It reminds me of my printing days, looking at a sheets of paper coming off a printing press. Using a loupe (small folding magnifier), it was my job to check if the dots were in registration (lined up correctly).

When the dots were correctly aligned, the image was crisp. This study  represents the organic out of focus version of that. In the future, I may try to have these two process meet in the middle and layer the dots to create a more complex image.  #artexperimenting #joyinart

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