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Well after 5 years, I am going to be in my first show! This photo is of me setting up. The show is in a unique place here in Shreveport called mainspace @ artspace. It’s an exhibition space for local, regional and national artists. This juried show includes 17 artists and is an introduction of sorts for me into the arts community here. Everyone has been so nice to me the “new girl” and the opening is this Friday.

 If you live in the area, there are more details on my site, and I would love to see you there.

The space is unique, the walls are black, 12ft tall and each artist has a tall column to show their work. I submitted quite a few works, but the ones showing first are the ones that looked the best together in the space. I am also showing my hand painted pillows (that’s what the white shelf in the picture is for). I will post more photos from the show later.

I have been thinking a lot about time lately. How to get the most out of it, how to be more disciplined with it and how to enjoy it. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine and we were talking about the last time we saw each other and all of our friends getting together. Because I live far from my college friends, it’s hard to stay connected (even with Facebook). Sometimes we have to just make the time.

So I am getting back in the business of getting my priorities in check. There are so many “I remember whens…”, that it doesn’t even feel like “I ever…”.
Like the following: I remember when…

  • I used to run a mile each morning before work
  • I used to dance for over 6 hours a week (Zumba a few times a week will work just fine)
  • I used to get really dolled up and stay on top of the latest fashions (who am I kidding, I would rather be in yoga pants 24/7, with no make up, but I do like getting spiffed up) 
  • I used to travel to see friends and family at the drop of a hat
  • and so on, and so on

Many things have changed for me to not be able to do all of those things, but I could TOTALLY do some of them. But it’s so easy to make an excuse as to why I can’t. So if you have some “I remember whens…” that you have been putting off. Let me know and maybe we can cheer each other on to get them accomplished. One of mine is seeing family and friends more frequently. And that is the first one that I am going to take care of. I have booked my first spontaneous plane ticket to reconnect. Hopefully it’s the first of many new adventures for me.

Be blessed and send me your updates,
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