About Me

Kristye Addison Dudley – Photo by Seth Ruff

Hello I am Kristye Dorilam Addison Dudley.

I have a desire to create and I want to share it with you. My father was an architect and taught me to draw when I was a little girl. I would sketch everything from the patterns on the floor to the beautiful hats women would wear in church. At age 8, I was almost diagnosed with a serious learning disability. Instead the therapist realized that I could read I would just rather create my own story. From that point on, my family supported my efforts to be creative and follow my heart. I am an abstract painter, graphic designer and closet fashion/DIY designer.

As a military wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend and an auntie originally from South Carolina I wear a number of hats. I love my family and God and I ask him to lead me in all that I do. I earned a BFA in painting and a MS in Graphic Communications. This site provides an outlet for all my creative projects. I hope that you enjoy the site and that you share it with your friends. Since I find that I feel the need to create in two main forms, I have described my inspirations below.

I see the figure as a shell for the spirit. I  use simple strokes, featureless faces and mannequin like forms to exhibit the universal waves of joy, passion and motivations deep within each of our souls. The Moodscapes simplify the form and open the canvas to vivid textured atmospheres that explore the temperament and sensibility of nature and the beauty of emotional self reflection as we step out of ourselves and view the world around us. 

In 2002, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blank, owners of the Atlanta Falcons, acquired “In the Huddle” for $3500 at auction. Proceeds benefited the AFYF and the work is now prominently displayed at the Atlanta Falcons training facility in Flowery Branch, GA. Since then, her work has helped numerous organizations in the Atlanta region including Project Open Hand and Extreme Makeover:Home Edition.

My middle name is Dorilam, given to me by my mother, Rubielee L. Addison. It represents her sisters Dorothy, Lillian, Amy and Mallalieu. I have grown to love my southern patchwork name and appreciate all the love and support that my family has given me. The name of the company is in honor of them all.

The idea of the business came to me while planning my own wedding. I was looking for customization, variety and modern designs but I could not find exactly what I needed. So I created many of the paper goods and invitations myself. This included making 300 program fans by hand. This experience and my love of design lead me to create Dorilam Designs.


To work independently in an environment, where I can live in peace with the world and produce products that I am proud of. Where I can work with talented and gifted friends and bring happiness to others. I will leave more than I take; and share that which I have been blessed with. To treat others the way I would like to be treated; and to smile, dance and laugh as often as possible.